Alternative Techniques: Final Piece

emily-alt-techniques8563-2jpgAfter jumping between two different shoots, I eventually decided on the original one, choosing two images to combine in a double-exposure style. When doing this, I desaturated the images after correcting the white balance to remove some of the red from the skin as it was especially distracting where the eye of one image overlays the lips of the other.

Hopefully this image can be interpreted in many ways, including the topics I looked into as inspiration. I like the image as it doesn’t have to be confined to one theme, it could be interpreted as many things like abuse, mental illness and hopelessness in general.

To improve the image, some of the overlapping areas could be darkened. Doing this would mean both images would blend together slightly better. Lightening the hair of the smaller image would also help to do this as it would eradicate the darkness across the face of the main image.

The position of the smaller image is interesting as the shape of the face follows the layer underneath. Underneath, the hands create angles and lines on the face that the top layer mimic. The hair of the main image could be darkened to add more contrast between the subject and the background.


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