Shoot 2 and Edit

With my final shoot, I took the images on location in an empty office. I used the same model but changed it by taking images of the whole body. I took images with the model leaning slightly to either side as well as with the hands in different positions (covering the face, resting on the legs.)

I shot the images in this way so the combining process in Photoshop would be easier as well as more effective than the original studio shoot.


When editing, I opened the best images in Camera Raw and corrected the white balance. I then used the lasso tool to cut out the subject and paste them onto the base photograph. Once doing that, I positioned them before using a layer mask to erase areas I didn’t want to clash, such as legs. I then changed the opacity. I did this with 3 images plus the background image, creating lots of layers. I also desaturated the image and darkened the walls and floor, ensuring the subject stood out.

Once completed, I found the image to have less impact than I had hoped. The background was distracting and the editing wasn’t effective. Because of this, I went back to Shoot 1 for my final piece.


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