Concept Development

img_3210My original idea centred around feminism and the silencing of women. In researching this concept it developed into an idea of masculinity vs. femininity and hiding either trait, depending on gender expectation. The main body of the idea involved having the subject ripping part of the top layer away from their body, showing the hidden layer underneath. There are many ways to interpret this main idea including gender identity, with the hidden layer representing transgender people. LGBT+ issues could be explored, with a feminine lesbian or bisexual person hiding a more masculine side for fear of being stereotyped. It could also hide a more outspoken person hidden behind an abused exterior.

Through exploring this, I realised that my original ideas didn’t express the concept I wanted. I would prefer to create imagery related to a real issue of today, such as rape culture and sexual assault. Rape culture is the normalisation of victim blaming as well as describing sexual assaults as inevitable, especially if a woman is wearing a short skirt or has been consuming alcohol. A clear example of this is seen in the Stebenville case where two teenage boys raped a 16 year old girl while she was unconscious and passed out. After the guilty verdict was passed, CNN described the rapists as ‘two young men with such promising futures.’ I have been inspired by work I have seen on Pinterest by Daryna Barykina, depicting the front abuse victims will put on.


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