Alternative Techniques: Idea Development

For this brief, I have two ideas I would like to explore, one more conceptual than the other. My first idea is reminiscent of Alberto Seveso. I would like to explore combining high fashion portraits with interesting digital manipulation.

In order to combine more than one image, I would take some images of ink drops in water and use the shapes and textures to create the layers within the faces. I would quite like to work with vibrant colours and dramatic techniques as it is something I haven’t done before.¬†Marcelo Monreal has also created imagery similar to Seveso that is a clear inspiration to this idea.

My other idea involves focusing on concepts surrounding feminism and women being silenced for most things. This includes being feminine, being masculine, having a career, being a mother and other issues like abortion rights. My idea would involve a female model, perhaps with dark and messy make up trying to speak and the mouth being covered by flowers and other traditional feminine things. This would represent the idea that being female can automatically reduce the value of opinions in some others’ eyes. This idea stemmed from looking into the work of Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson and coming up with ideas that mirrored this including doing a full body version of their idea but using studio shots of a Barbie to replace features. I then decided I’d rather focus on oppression in general of women, rather than just appearance.

‘I don’t object to them having views and expressing them, I just don’t understand why we take them seriously.’ – Roy Liddle of the Sun newspaper discussing actress Emma Watson’s speech on sexual assault and gender equality.



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