Lookbook and Web Banner

I used two key looks within my lookbook shoot. The first was more deconstructed with a less structured dress and an oversized jacket. This meant that the images I took involved movement and were more fluid. The lines in the photographs are not parallel to the edges and the subject is cut off in one of them, reflecting the lack of structure. For lighting, I used one speed light which left some shadows. This is reminiscent of YSL as a lot of their imagery could be considered ‘ugly’ with the framing and lighting very unconventional. The second look consisted of clean lines demonstrated with a necklace and blazer. These images have very straight lines and some central framing, using more conventional techniques. To edit these images, I changed them to monochrome before adjusting the shadows and highlights. I then used the polygonal lasso tool to select triangular areas I inverted. I overlapped the triangles which gave more intricate shapes. This was so the images would relate to my soft launches and the smashed glass I used.

To edit my web banner, I used the same technique seen in my lookbook work but I also put small pieces of other images into the geometric shapes. My lookbook images are included in the web banner as it gives a more thorough example of the work. This is helpful within a web banner as it is used at the top of a web page to advertise.



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