Product Shots

To create the product shots, I first began by attempting to take overhead images of flat products. This was difficult as the products wouldn’t lie flat and I had to be up a ladder leaning over them to be able to take them. I finally decided to use a mannequin which would fill out the shape of the garments better and allow better images.

To be able to do the ‘invisible mannequin’ editing technique, I had to take multiple images of each garment of the outside, inside, front and back. To complete the technique, I had to use the pen tool on Photoshop to select points along the edge of the garments before making a selection and feathering the edge. I then pasted them into new layers in a different document and ensured the straps and edges matched up. I also used the burn tool to ensure shadows were even and to create the illusion of distance between the back and front of each garment.


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