Specialised and Inspirational Imagery


David Sims is a British fashion photographer who has worked for Vogue, Prada and Harper’s Bazaar. I find his work inspirational and will use his work as a reference for my lookbook shoot. The angles in the photographs are interesting and attempting to replicate this style will help me directly reference the smashed glass from my soft launches. His work includes a lot of movement and I will attempt to take images like this as well as more static images I will apply more to in post production.

The images are reminiscent of cubism, an art movement from the early 20th century started by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Cubism is based on making art more two dimensional with geometric shapes, something I have emulated already through my soft launches. Picasso’s work is very geometric and I will use the sharp lines and shapes of the glass within the project.

While completing research on Pinterest, I came across a shoot by Matthias Vriens-McGrath. Vriens-McGrath has been Creative Director for Giorgio Armani and Senior Art Director of Gucci Group. This particular shoot was for Elle UK and consisted of fashion director Anne-Marie Curtis’ top picks from Autumn/Winter 2011/12 fashion.

The first two images are interesting as the subject and clothes are all in sharp relief despite the clear movement seen. This demonstrates how to include movement in a static image throughout the use of an obviously fast shutter speed. The last image of model Coco Rocha relates directly to my project. This is seen in the styling of the model, the messy hair, fur coat, and clothes that lack structure. This is one of the key looks I will be using in my project.


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