Soft Launch

My soft launch images were more difficult to achieve than expected. It was very difficult to capture glass shattering against the wall. I first tried by having someone throw glass bottles towards the wall and taking lots of images on continuous burst mode. This wasn’t something that worked well so I then videoed some. These however, were difficult to get stills from and they weren’t very good quality. The image I used was gained by accident as I tied a bottle to a hook to swing it on a specific trajectory. I actually found that once the bottle stopped swinging the image was quite striking. To achieve the other images, I smashed a flat glass cupboard door and arranged the shards. The last image was the most labour intensive as I had to take images of the necklace as well as arranging the pieces of glass. In this and the flat smashed glass pieces I selected certain areas and turned them negative. This adds more areas of interest to the images and may be something I add to my lookbook photographs.

The soft launches establish a key theme I will continue through my project with the sharp lines and angles and the selection of different areas showing different layers. I may combine images using this technique and create two complicated composite images, have two face close ups and two where the angles are created through the model’s pose.


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