Environmental Portraiture Evaluation

For this brief, two images were produced of a person with an unusual job. One had to be interior while the other was exterior. It was also a requirement that flash be used on location, whether a speed light or a flash head.

The outdoor image is shot outside a garage With the fire station in the background. The lines are quite strong with the divide of the sky and the building being very defined, along with the red of the fire engine contrasting with the duller colours of the building. The exterior image could be improved through the lighting. The sun is quite bright, perhaps facilitating a reshoot due to the harsh shadows. It isn’t immediately apparent that flash has been used due to the brightness of the sun.

The interior image has been taken in a locker room that holds cages. Each cage appears to hold a separate uniform which is visible through the bars. The area itself is a difficult area to photograph, due to the cages holding the uniforms being metal, which will reflect any flash. It is coped with fairly well, due to the apparent use of composite post-production editing techniques. This means the light has been moved around with several shots taken, each image then being blended together  in Photoshop to hire reflections that cause overexposure.

The interior shot could be improved through the white balance. The image has a small orange cast over it, due to ambient light. Cooling the image would correct this to an extent. Another possible solution could be to rethink the framing and position of the subject, finding an area that is lit better, or an area that could facilitate the use of flash better.


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