Environmental Portraiture Shoot

For my environmental portraiture shoot, I went to a fire station to take pictures of a firefighter. According to the brief, I had to have one interior shot and one exterior shot, both using location flash. I began in the garage where the fire engines are kept, taking a variety of images with different framing.

I then went on to take pictures outside, with a full uniform on. These images were difficult as the sun was shining, meaning the lighting was hard to set up and then correct due to the large amounts of ambient light. I tried two different framing options, both similar, but with different results. One had the subject standing to the left of the image while in the other, he was more to the right. The right framed ones were more effective as the front of the fire engine was then visible.

The final images I shot were taken in the station itself next to the cages that hold the uniforms. It was an interesting place to shoot as the insides of the cages are visible however, it was difficult to light. This was due to the fact that the cages are made out of metal and reflected the light. This meant I had to move the light to each side of the image, giving me better exposure over the two and the resources to correct it in post production.




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