Model Research, Location Research, Soft Launches and Shoot Planning

For my soft launches, I will be using smashed glass in different ways. One image will be an overhead with some sections being made negative, one image will involve organising the glass into the shape of the necklace I will be using in my lookbook and for the last, I hope to capture glass being smashed against the wall.softlaunchI hope to use a model that has dark hair, as it will shine more in a monochrome image. This will be furthered through the looks I hope to emulate. One of them will be very angular and constructed, like the images below of Cara Delevigne for La Collection de Paris. The lines within the clothing are very sharp and defined and I will use dramatic makeup, slicked back hair and defining face makeup to achieve the same definition in the styling.

I will also be attempting a more casual and deconstructed look like Saint Laurent’s spring/summer ’16 line. The collection centres around deconstructed dresses with some sort of defining jacket such as a leather jacket, a blazer or a fur coat. This look will have more natural makeup along with messier hair to reflect it. My location will be indoors with a plain background. It needs to be plain because I hope to edit them in the same sort of way as the soft launches and a plain background will facilitate this. I also like to work indoors because the lighting is easier to control.


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