Work Related Learning: Chosen Brand

My chosen brand for my work related learning project is Saint Laurent Paris (YSL). This means I will be basing all of my imagery on they styles seen in their fashion and photography. YSL was founded in 1961 and is considered to be one of the most prominent fashion houses. It is known for modern and iconic pieces such as tuxedo jackets for women, the Le Smoking women’s suit, and the Pop Art line inspired by Andy Warhol.

YSL’s spring/summer collections show similarities from year to year. For example, the SS15 campaign was based in slightly darker colours with a key accessory (often hats) and an interesting jacket. Shiny fabrics also make an appearance as they often do in spring/summer fashion. The SS16 campaign has an even more muted palette and focuses heavily on tuxedo jackets and shiny slip dresses. The key accessory from this campaign is the tiara every model sports as well as the wellington boots seen on a lot of them. Dresses are often less structured within YSL, the structure and shaping of an outfit coming from a key piece such as a well tailored tuxedo jacket. This is something I hope to emulate within my own project as I use YSL as a starting point.

YSL’s website is quite formulaic, with the items of clothing all being laid out flat on a white surface. Each item has a front and back shot. I will emulate this with items I have bought that have a similar style to the brand. The website has lots of graphics showing model shots and other imagery relating to the collections, giving me a helpful starting point for soft launch and lookbook images. I hope to use smashed shards of mirror or porcelain arranged in different ways for my soft lunch images. This will reference the style of YSL through the very structured angular edges, but also through the smashing of the object itself, simulating smashing boundaries. I may also turn sections of the images negative, again referencing pushing boundaries.


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