Lookbook Analysis

Lookbooks are sets of photographs surrounding a particular style or collection of clothes. They are used by stores, both high street and designer,, to advertise their products in an interesting and visual way.

The first lookbook I looked at was from the brand Toast.The lookbook seems to fit with the brand’s apparent goals which are ‘simpicity, modernity, comfort, colour.’ The book includes location images that are simple, the clothing taking centre stage through the colours standing out on relatively plain backgrounds. Some images are monochrome, with small sample images nearby showing the colours of the clothes separately. Landscapes are included, giving background to what the clothes are intended for, in this case, spring/summer. The model choice reflects the target audience, using female models that appear to be in their late 20’s/early 30’s. The book is creative through the mixed use of product and editorial shots, monochrome and colour, and the bold use of layout, having small images with a lot of white space around them on one page.

The information included in writing within the book is the clothing details, the name of the item and the price. The book itself was around A5 size if not slightly bigger and was bound simply, with no clumsy ringbinders or staples. The paper it was printed on was slightly thicker than average and the pages were all matte, quite unusual since glossy magazines are usually the norm.

The second lookbook I looked at was from Anthropologie. The book includes location shots of clothing that are very colourful and interesting. All of the images are shot in colour, with some slighter closer but mainly of whole outfits. The brand itself doesn’t seem to have a clear goal in their ‘about us’ page, other than ‘putting the customer first’ which is important in any retailer. The target audience appears to be similar to Toast’s, all of the clothes being similarly demure and modest.

The information in the book again included the details of the clothing on each page. Unlike Toast’s however, the book was on thinner, glossy paper and almost A4 size. It was bound with staples, and used most of the space on each page.

This L. K. Bennett lookbook was interestingly bound, being ringbound with a cover over the top to create clean lines. The whole book focuses on simplicity, each image framed and shot the same, without interesting lighting or any other deviance from the formula. The product details aren’t even on the pages, instead they are all at the back, with small thumbnails for reference.

The clothing itself is quite professional, aimed at career women. It is all quite smart with fairly muted colour. The book has a different section within that focuses on monochrome where the borders of the pages themselves are black. The book also makes the most of the pages it has by using fold outs for the numerous shoes and accessories it has to display.


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