Editorial Evaluation

These images are an editorial layout depicting a ‘farm to fork’ mentality. The first two images show two different landscape views of pigs while the second is a portrait oriented image of food being cooked outside. This meets the brief by showing a food image shot outside on location and lifestyle/location images to reference the food through the photographs of the pigs.

The images are focused on details, especially on the first pig image. The photograph is unusual because of the view of the animal. The snout is recognisable, but is not often seen from that particular angle. The food image details are also easily seen in the rustic look. The metal rack the pot sits on is not clean and shiny, which fits very well with the feel of the image. The slightly rusted metal of the rack and the chicken wire provide a worn feel to the image which is reflected in the rocks and the outdoor setting.

To improve the piece, charcoal could have been used to create a more authentic feel to the fire, rather than newspaper. The newspaper is discernible as newspaper through the visible writing and slightly detracts from the details observed in the rest of the image. The layout could also be improved through the pig images. As both images include two green bars, they could be lined up to create continuous lines vertically from top to bottom. This would help the eye to travel down the length of the piece. This could be achieved by straightening the bottom image and cropping it, which would make the bars the same size.



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