Work Related Learning: Brand Exercise

As part of my final module in my first year of FdA Photography, the last brief revolves around a ‘live brief.’ The brief involves ‘E-Commerce,’ the diverse internet photography business that overlaps both commercial product shots and the more openly creative editorial style through lookbooks. The requirements of the brief include 3 soft launch images, photographs that will give hints to the products and collections. I will also have to take very composed product shots of 3 different items, including a front and back view, and details. I will also produce a lookbook of 6 images maximum either on location or in studio that are taken to showcase entire looks. The final image I will need to produce is a web banner.

For this project, I will choose a brand and attempt to replicate the style of their e-commerce. I will do this through studying their advertising methods and imagery, seeing how their product shots are composed (laid flat, invisible model, mannequin) and the locations, themes and colours often seen in their work.

We began this module by looking at why brands are successful and how they create a clear brand theme. For example, Calvin Klein is very self-aware. The front page of the site almost always is advertising underwear, due to it being a bestseller, and the imagery used on the site is clean and slick looking.

The images also sometimes appear to ‘break the rules,’ in that in the first image, a background has been set up, presumably to create a plain white backdrop, and yet is is framed in such a way that the wall behind that is visible. Image 2 could be seen as ‘ugly’ due to the lack of interesting lighting and the apparent lankness of the hair, and yet is seems to exude a sense of style despite this, still seeming very put together.


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