Environmental Portrait Photographers

Alex Telfer has taken a few environmental portraits, including his National Outdoor Campaign for Visa, which focuses on everyday Britons going about their lives.

These images are all good examples of environmental portraiture. Every subject is photographed in an area relating to their job, the gardener with the plants, the judge in front of the building and the fisherman on the boat. My favourite of the three is the fisherman image because of the composition. As it is on a boat, it isn’t level, the boat juxtaposing with the straight line of the horizon. Also the objects in the foreground add depth as they aren’t in focus, they help to add distance between the subject and the camera.

Mark Taylor also has environmental portraits of brewers in a brewery. The images are reminiscent of Telfer’s, suggesting the environmental portrait genre can be quite formulaic, the subject framed to one side of the image and the environment itself seeming to take precedence.


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