Editorial Shoot Edit

To choose the images i would finally use as my final piece, I chose to create a mock up that was interchangeable, allowing me to try different images together to see what worked. My favourite image of the pig was a very close up shot of the snout, with only that and the bars of the enclosure in focus. To edit this image, I added a series of colour balance layers, using layer masks to ensure only select areas were affected. I also did the same with levels layers, allowing me to add tiny areas of brightness and shadow, giving more depth.

For the food image, I chose an image that included the rack and stones the dish was sitting on, and the flames from the fire. I then edited this by cropping from the left to get rid of the space next to the flames, and cropping from the bottom because of how the food was sitting in the dish. I again used a series of colour balance and levels layers to darken and brighten colours accordingly. I also selected the food in the dish and transformed it, making the dish look fuller. I then darkened around the edge to ensure it looked seamless and natural.



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