Editorial Shoot

For Project 1 of my Location Photography module, I made a return trip to Moorhouse Farm Shop in order to photograph the animals and buy produce for my food shots. I had originally planned to take images of the lambs and sheep as they are linked with the current time of year however, they proved difficult to get close to. The pigs however, were in a smaller enclosure, meaning I could get closer and take better images. Slightly underexposing the images according to the camera’s built in light meter created more interesting images and the best of the ones I took.

I then cooked a pork burger, relating it to the best of the animal images. This allowed me to practice setting up a food shot and photographing it.DSC_8519

My final images are all of a pork casserole I made before setting up the shot outside. I collected rocks and wood to set up a small campfire, using old chicken wire and the grill from a barbecue to set the pot on. I also set some newspaper on fire to create a small amount of smoke and some flames i could attempt to capture. I again slightly underexposed as the colours became more vibrant.



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