Food Photographers

Luke Million has created commission work involving food, taking images of both raw and cooked meat. Some images also have an editorial style. Image 1 is interesting because it shows two different angles of the same dish. It is also interesting because the first half includes side dishes and demonstrates a full meal set up whereas the second half is a close up overhead shot showing details and texture. This image as well as image 4 are good demonstrations of how to portray a cooked meal while image 2 is a good demonstration of how to style an ingredient shot.

The lighting is bright, with the white background also contributing to this. There are no shadows and the ingredients are laid out around the main subject clearly, ensuring it is clear what has gone into the food.

David Loftus is known mainly for his work with Jamie Oliver, photographing all but one of his bestselling cookbooks. He has also directed one of the most successful food adverts of all time for Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Jamie’s Comfort Food is one of the books Loftus photographed for, taking vibrant and interesting shots throughout. two of my favourites include the picture of a burger, and his outdoor casserole dish shot.

I like how the colours in the images are vibrant, and yet they could be considered to have a slightly lower key lighting. This gives the images more depth and is something I hope to recreate in my own.


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