Food Photography

Mike Slawski is a photographer associated with Magenta Studios and based in the north east of England. He is focused on food photography, for cookery books and editorials, along with private client assignments such as photographing restaurants. Magenta Studios has its own converted church studio with a fully equipped kitchen for food photographs.

Slawski’s work is very dependent on focus, and ensuring the foreground is extremely sharp while the background is thrown out. His specialty seems to be having only a small portion of the food in focus, ensuring a visually appealing image through the clear focal point. His work is full of colour and vibrance, but this is usually confined to the subject itself, leaving the background less important within the images.

Laura Hynd works for the agent Burnham Niker and has a wide range of photography skills. She has quite traditional food imagery but also focuses on pattern and interesting shapes and colour in her work. She often fills the frame completely with one object or item of food, ensuring all of the focus is on said item. She, like Slawski, uses depth of field in her imagery. This helps to stop the images looking flat when they do not contain any other items to draw the eye. Her close ups also help to show a significant amount of texture within each image.


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