‘Film Still’

The original image recreation is very similar to the film still, with the composition, lighting and model choice and styling being copied directly and reproduced. The composition is fairly simple, with only the shoulders and above being visible and the background being plain grey. The styling has clearly been thought about. This is seen in the blanket and white shirt being accurate to the original. The model choice is also an important aspect that has been considered as the model is young, male and has dark hair.

The lighting is soft, with no harsh shadows. There are darker areas in the image however, seen around the eyes and where the blanket wraps around the shoulders. These areas add definition and especially character to the face, the dark eyes giving a sinister feel and a hint to the mental state of Norman Bates. The darkened eyes provide the sinister look but could also have connotations with a lack of sleep due to his blackouts where his ‘mother’ makes an appearance, usually with climactic results.

The twist is effective in demonstrating the personality of Norman, especially when combined with the original still. The original still represents Norma, his mother, whereas the second image represents the adult Norman combined with his childlike self, which is the person that has such an attachment to Norma in the first place.

The most important change is the angle of the head. The subject looking up instantly gives a more innocent feel to the image. This could be seen as reminiscent of religious imagery due to the light that is coming from above that the subject seems to be leaning towards.

The facial expression change however, is equally important to the contrast between the original and the twisted. The lack of the knowing smirk gives the impression of a dropped façade, which leads to the emergence of a more vulnerable Norman, a victim. The calculating look on the original is a result of Norma and her plotting, her shifting of all of the blame onto Norman himself whereas the twisted image seems to show the despair and resignation as well as a kind of naivety and a lack of understanding of the situation due to his mental illness.

Original Film Still

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