Winners of the Siena International Photography Awards 2015

These images were both found in The Guardian, in an article about the Siena International Photography Awards in Italy.

sipaThis first image is Shwamibagh Temple, Bangladesh by Noor Ahmed Gelal and was in the category of ‘Open Colour.’ I like this image because of it’s vibrancy and colour. The lines are also interesting because they are so orderly in the explosion of colour seen here. In my opinion, the image is cleverly shot from above, capturing more of the lanterns. This image has connotations of religion as it is the  Hindu community celebrating the three-day Rakher Upabas festival at Loknath Temple in Barodi, near Dhaka. People light the lanterns then offer prayer. They then fast until the lamps have burned out.sipa2This photographer, Vladimir Proshin, was the winner of Photographer of the Year with On the River. This image is of Chinese fishermen on the Ou river close to the city of Lishui – whose name means Beautiful Water. I find this image very tranquil and peaceful, it mainly being plain. Reflections in calm water are a common photographic device but this is particularly effective in this image. The reflections add a little more interest to the otherwise fairly plain photograph. This image could be seen to utilise metaphor as it is almost otherworldly like a fantasy land, the mist also adding another layer. Mist is often used to create sombre moods but the brightness of it alleviates this.


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