Action Plan

This action plan will hopefully help me to improve the areas that were thought of as weaker in my Personal Development and Academic Study Skills.

Long Term Goal: My long term goal is to improve my mark for my next module from 61% as this has been my highest (and only) mark so far.

Objectives: My objectives include completing my 6 e-learning modules for Personal Development and Academic Study Skills, continuing to reflect on my work and using my feedback from previous modules to improve my research and concepts.

Actions: The most important action I will need to take is reflection. Continued thorough and effective reflection will allow me to see where I am losing marks and hopefully develop my abilities in those areas.

Success Criteria: I will know if I have been successful when I receive my feedback for my next module and it is hopefully higher than 61%.

Targets: Due to my feedback being given a week or so after my deadline, I hope to have seen an improvement by the 12th of February, my Studio Portraiture due date.


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