Reflection and Action Planning

Throughout my degree, I am given feedback module by module which provides me with the opportunity to hopefully improve on my weaker areas. I have received 61% in both module 1 and 2. In module 1, I had to produce 2 images, the first with an object used as a hat/headwear and the second a hat not on a head.

My concept ideas were considered good in both projects and my research was considered well-thought out and a strong point of the project. My areas of improvement for this module included translating the concept into a strong visual final shot, this mainly in P1. My choices in post-production were also considered as my P1 image could have been more interesting and considered to have more expression in colour.

In module 2, I was tasked with a project where I had toNCI410_EW_P1 (2) photograph a person with a sports item and ‘upsize’ an aspect of the image. I also had to produce a 5 second time lapse video of a landscape at 30 frames per second for project 2. This project was all about digital skills. Again, my concepts were considered successful and my research thorough. As in module 1 however, I needed to develop it more in project 1 and could consider metaphor to add more depth. I apparently am also still struggling with ensuring all of the research I do is seen within the image. Finding imagery and discussing it’s strengths and weaknesses is easy, but developing it and including the ideas within my own photographs is something I need to improve on.

My most recent modules, Academic Study Skills and Personal Development, required me to complete an online diagnostic so I can see my areas of weakness. These turned out to be motivation, references, effective reflection, problem solving, presentation skills and managing stress. These and my feedback will help me create an action plan to hopefully improve my marks.


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