Time Lapse Final Piece

This time lapse video is centred on the theme of ‘Change’ within a landscape. There are many ways to interpret the theme of ‘Change,’ the most obvious being the passing of time itself (sunrise, sunset.) This video is focused on movement within the scene itself, the clouds in the sky moving across and the movement of the water. Change is considered in all aspects of the piece but could be improved through choosing a more severe day of weather to invoke choppier waters.

The location has been considered as the image includes the water, the sky and the rocks to break up the water at the bottom of the image. Another indicator of consideration is the open nature of the images. Paths or fences etc. do not break up the images with lead-in lines as they were clearly taken from the very edge of the coastline, ensuring the colours and clouds are not detracted from.

In terms of framing and viewpoint, it would perhaps be more successful if the images had either the sky or the sea as the main focus. This would definitively demonstrate which is more interesting. The rocks at the base of the images provide a slight distraction, as they are dark shadows in a very bright area. However, these could also be seen as using the lighting in such a way that provides silhouettes of the rocks.

Digitally, the images are all edited to the same specification (cropped to the same size, same lighting and contrast adjustments) but perhaps they could have been brighter with less contrast. This would open up the images more and reduce the vignette effect caused by this.


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