The theme of this project was ‘Upsize.’ This immediately comes across as the weight the model is holding is clearly unnaturally big. The arm is also upsized but could be exaggerated to meet the ‘visual pun’ area of the brief. Alternatively, the arm could have been left as it was, perhaps even downsized, which would have added to the concept and, in turn, made the weight appear bigger within the frame. It would also have allowed the weight to actually be enlarged more without overlapping it onto the model.  The image is shot on a mid to low key grey background, and could have been brightened to meet the parameters of the brief better.

Using poNCI410_EW_P1 (2).jpgrtrait orientation allows for more space than landscape however the framing of the image could be widened to create more space for the model. If there was more space in the frame, the model could be framed more centrally and the image would perhaps look less squashed.

The lighting is interesting as it is quite sculptural, the highlights hitting the edges of the weight and the profile of the model’s face. This could have been improved however, through the use of a background light. Using a background light would have added more dimension to the image by distancing the background from the model themselves. It also would have helped brighten the image.

The model is well chosen as even without the upsizing, the definition of the arms is apparent. The facial expression has not been explored and could have added to the narrative behind the image. Seeing the strain in the face would have given an extra layer to the photograph. Weightlifting could be seen as a vain sport, therefore having the model looking down at the weight or the arm would have changed the photograph entirely.

Desaturating the image ensures the weight stands out as it is a large area of colour within a fairly dull coloured photograph (grey background, black vest.) Perhaps keeping some of the warmth and colour of the photograph would have created more of an engaging concept as it comes across as cold, slightly unapproachable.


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